Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost Property

I have been stuck deep in the swamp of updating my illustration website. The documents folder of my computer is treacherous terrain indeed, so I had to put on my serious slippers for this one, lest I lose my footing among all the drawings of my meandering past. This process is always the gateway to re-discovery of old drawings, lost drawings and drawings I have no recollection of (thank you, hopeless memory of mine). I felt so sad for these forgotten pictures that I thought I'd welcome them into 2010, give them a stage and say 'guys! hi!- I didn't really forget you!' (except that I did, so don't tell them). I dedicated a little slice of my website to them…..a 'lost property' page, to try and give them a home. I feel better for it......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's all about the (four legged) boy.

Like milk and cookies, Autumn and craft projects go hand in hand. The personalised laptray that I painted for Forrest was looking a little lonesome, so with Rudy as my most obliging muse, I got to work. Now the hubby and I have his & hers laptrays, so don't be telling me that romance is dead :)

In Rudy-news, we took our enormous baby to the local doggy salon the other day for his first independent grooming adventure. Testament to his winning nature, as the lady crouched down to say hi, Rudy reached out to shake her hand. Tears streamed down my face from laughing so hard, but I was proud as could be of his good manners (of course that's also his trick to get his dinner, so he could have been after treats....). Rudy returned home with a brand new bandana (guess he mustve charmed somebody) and smelling like a bar of soap. This may be the fluffiest, most fragrant week of Rudy's life. Extra cuddles, if I may.