Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work & Play

I have achieved a fine balance of work and play just lately. Especially when work feels so playful.
My wonderful friend (aka my deployment wifey) Jessica and her husband Norm, are soon-to-be-parents of a bouncing baby boy. Her baby-shower theme was 'Under the Sea', and I was tasked with the honor of making her 'thank you' cards. Jess's request for the design was described roughly as 'A baby floating in the sea, please' (yes. really). And as such, I came up with the card that is here before you..... 

 I think I did well, under the circumstances!

I also waved a bittersweet farewell to one of my most treasured friends last week. Lesley has ventured to pastures new, pursuing her career as a nurse. I look forward to all the future adventures we are sure to have together, but I will miss the dog-walking, gym-going, wine-drinking routine we have nurtured fondly as neighbors this past year and a half. (I also love the starring role of the shark featured on this picture of the two of us. It clearly thinks we are dinner). Thanks for the memories!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Some days look a lot like this....

Sometimes the dogs just rule my world. That has especially been the case this past ten days whilst puppy-sitting for friends. Baby Charlie (trouble-maker-in-chief) has been keeping Felix on his toes and warming all our hearts. Rudy has gradually adjusted to her, though he initially spent much time hiding from the puppy whirlwind. Gentle giant that he is, this morning I caught a glimpse of him offering her a tiny toy when he thought I wasn't looking. Felix served as the frontman of the welcome committee, and has been used as a climbing frame, chew-toy and partner-in-crime ever since they first laid eyes on each other. Such a good sport!

We also rescued a cottontail bunny from a very close shave with a neighbors lawnmower. Forrest can be seen here sporting his 'I've got a new pet' face...but alas Baby Foo was shortly released into a patch of clover, based on what we hope was our better judgement. We really should build an ark for all these guys though. In other news, I've been kind of busy with linocut and the printing press. More on that soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Way a Summer Ends

Long weekends pretty much come with the unspoken expectation of lake-time and dog days. The boys can practically smell it. Regular weekends bring their fair share of head-tilts and wide eyes, but a long weekend? We'd better be high-tailing it to some water-hole by 7am, or live with Rudy's SadFace. I dare you to try.

'Land Between the Lakes' on the Tennessee/Kentucky border is our go-to place for splashing our toes and breaking out the picnic goodies with our friends. A perfect day.

From the department of wonderful news, has come whisperings that Forrest and I are to become an Auntie and Uncle! This is fabulous news indeed, and so with a paintbrush and a flourish, I set about designing a card. Inspired by my favorite scene in Dumbo...and plus, that is where baby's come from. Right? Congratulations Smanth and Rob!