Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Way a Summer Ends

Long weekends pretty much come with the unspoken expectation of lake-time and dog days. The boys can practically smell it. Regular weekends bring their fair share of head-tilts and wide eyes, but a long weekend? We'd better be high-tailing it to some water-hole by 7am, or live with Rudy's SadFace. I dare you to try.

'Land Between the Lakes' on the Tennessee/Kentucky border is our go-to place for splashing our toes and breaking out the picnic goodies with our friends. A perfect day.

From the department of wonderful news, has come whisperings that Forrest and I are to become an Auntie and Uncle! This is fabulous news indeed, and so with a paintbrush and a flourish, I set about designing a card. Inspired by my favorite scene in Dumbo...and plus, that is where baby's come from. Right? Congratulations Smanth and Rob!

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