Sunday, August 26, 2012

Parts of the whole.

Like most people, I was afflicted with Olympic Fever for those three weeks of sporting entertainment. Being a British transplant here on American soil, I was quite glowing with national pride, and the abundance of Union Jacks on the TV was a heartwarming sight indeed. As flags go, I'm pretty much a fan of ours. So much so, that I set about this little painting project- a nice representation of the tea-drinking, chip chip cheerio-ing member of this household. It was probably long overdue!

Last Summer Forrest was sweating it out in Afghanistan whilst I was here in Tennessee trying to settle into our new house, train a crazy puppy and generally stay afloat in the mess of those circumstances. I am very dramatic. It really wasn't bad. On the other hand, having my husband here this year is a delight. Family lake-trips, neighborhood BBQs, and somebody to clink my wineglass with. 
The Good Life.

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  1. You should be proud of your country! They did a wonderful job with the Olympics. I've never been there, but I know I would love it. Speaking of which, I love the flag you did! nancy