Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Details that make up a Day.

May I just say hooray! My first official order from the LouPaper shop is about to ride off into the sunset. Safe travels, little package! And thank you to my first customer (who is not a friend or family member...little steps, little steps!)

Other small delights arrive in the form of ripe raspberries and a pocket full of tomatoes. These little 'yellow boys' were from a volunteer plant (our home-composting really paid off!) and some of our most delicious harvests yet.

The carrots definitely underperformed this Summer, but they sure do look purdy. Curious George is always trying to find his way into the vegetable patch, but not this time, little man (probably next time. He is very sneaky!)

On the last weekend of Forrest's Summer leave, we were dutiful tourists in our State of Tennessee, and moseyed down to the Jack Daniels distillery with our neighbors. Here is Forrest with his 'back-to-work' haircut, and loaded up like a packhorse (his pockets are probably full of my junk, also! Good husband!). I could spend the rest of my life smelling whiskey more than I could drinking it, but it was a pretty beautiful place with a neat little tour. Sadly that marked the end of our Summer vacation, and Goodbye July.
(Greetings, August. I hope you are cooler!)

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  1. What a lovely post! The garden things are beautiful. nancy