Monday, April 30, 2012

Rudy is a Hot Dog.

As is well documented, I have a soft spot for dogs. Especially my own pair of Fluffies. As such, they are spoiled rottenest, and just recently we purchased some flashy new collars for them, expertly crafted by my wonderful friend Brianna at Tied and True Paracord Creations. Here is my handsome RudeDog, giving us his best 'male model' impression. Beautiful, Darling! Anyway, that is all, just wanted to share with you the talent of the collar-maker. Pretty clever if you ask me. Thanks Brianna!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Things Spring

Spring has gotten to me. I have become wide-eyed and tail-waggish over seeds and peat moss. Sunshine mixed with cut grass and BBQ-ing and dog dates.
This is the first time Forrest and I have tried to grow a garden. I have planted asparagus upside down, accidentally paired plants uncompanionably and battled nights with unexpected frosts (at the expense of a closet full of bedsheets. boo!). The learning curve has been steep and fraught with missteps, but my enthusiasm lives on. Luckily there is a green-fingered husband who can be relied on to mend my disasters.
I have lately been working feverishly on illustrating a children's book which will be going out into the world later on in the year. Soon, I will share :)
Hope you are all enjoying the sunny Spring mornings as much as we are!