Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once Upon a Summer's Day. (with a winter theme. And some cake.)

People buy wreaths. Or they buy ‘wreath-making materials’ and wisely get their craft on in a manner that is advisable, with wire and twigs and berries and y’know…instructions! Because I’m a glutton for creative punishment and frustration however, I instead decided to make a completely impractical far-too-heavy wooden wreath that will never conceivably hang on our door. But I’m really enjoying it. It’s also a winter wreath, because I’m in my ‘so done with summer I’m pretending it’s winter’ mode.

In our spare time, we are branching out and going to parties where there is cake designed like a beach. Rudy is attending acting class and practicing his tough guy expressions. Sadly it’s wasted on Mister Felix who yawns in the face of amateur dramatics. The House of Dog continues to amuse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One foot in front of the other. Eat a cookie.

I have achieved an unlikely balance somewhere between a feverishly impressive work ethic and sharpening-all-my-pencils-twice procrastination. I have done a bit of both and the result is that I'm ready to contact a delectable list of would be, could be (and have-been) clients.

In a manner of sweet hilariousness- the way only they know how- the boys have kept me company during these frustrating days and weeks at my desk. They almost witnessed a printer get propelled out of the window. They dutifully chased the vacuum cleaner around when I procrastinated a little more. We all did cartwheels together when I figured out how to use the new printer. Have a cookie. We deserve it!

go on.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August, lately.

If I'm looking for advantages of the geographically challenged aspect of my marriage at the moment, I'd say there is less excuse for distraction. It doesn't seem quite so necessary to cuddle with....who, myself?.....on the sofa for a couple of hours every night. Dinner is a 10 minute rather than an hour long affair. There is no packed lunch duty, or the need for 'his & hers' trips to Lowes (small victories!). The dogs receive more affection than they ever asked for, but my one sided conversations with them can only last for so long. Now that Felix is a little older and not trying to sprint off with my shoes/ books/phone every two seconds, it's a relief to have more time to devote to illustration work. There have been long hours in my workroom. Battles with the old printer. The purchase of a new printer. (Battles with the new printer....). Research and photoshop and lists and nerves and spray mount and frustration and good old fashioned stubbornness.
Oh, and my new website was quietly revamped over at it's usual spot. Fist pump, high five.

Rudy and Felix have been doing a grand job of keeping me busy and entertained. Felix still sings whale-song for his breakfast and he tap-dances for dinner. He walks and runs and plays and sings and leaps and jumps and hops til he drops. Happy 6 month birthday little buddy. Love you forever ever.