Friday, December 10, 2010

Aspirations to be an Elf

Well, Thanksgiving swept me sideways and it took me a while to find my sea legs again. It was my first year of hosting all the Neumanns, (and my first year as a Neumann) and I've got to say, I was not prepared for the sheer quantity of pie that entered my world. I welcomed it though, oh yes I did. It was a wonderful holiday- calorific and fun filled. In hindsight however, it appears that it distracted me from things that I would normally have begun gearing up for weeks ago. Namely; Christmas! (if I could make it flash gold and red and sing as well, I would do it. Green was the best I could do....). I had big plans this year too, so there was catching up to do. With my sparkly new printing press winking at me from across the room, I plunged into some 'trial and error' crafting that has resulted in an unexpected aversion to turpentine, an almost sliced-off finger (gore!) and a stack of Christmas cards that would rival your most glitter filled-fantasy. Are they perfect? Not on your nelly. Do I think they are a tiny bit charming? I'll let you decide.....

To know me, is to know my dog, so it seemed only right that Rudy be my muse for my first homemade christmas cards on his first-ever Christmas. We did name him Rudolph (for about 2 minutes) after all! The tree is up, the house smells like cookies and next up, hand-printed gift wrap….Somewhere along the way (Mister Neumann, I hope you are paying attention) I have my fingers crossed for mulled wine. 'Tis the season to be merry, after all :)