Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back-tracking and catching up!

February tiptoed past, silently blogless. The past month has been a whirlwind. Remind me, which way is up?

January ended with good news and bad news and good news again (good wins every time!). Firstly, my Greencard arrived (hip-hooray for being an almost permanent fixture over here). Secondly we discovered that almost immediately after our impending arrival at our new duty station, Forrest would be unceremoniously stolen from our happy home to be deployed to Afghanistan (sucker punch, meet my stomach). Thirdly, gloriously and tipping the balance in favor of smiles, Forrest graduated flight school- and I got the chance to pin his wings (stab myself in the thumb), and blink back a bucket-load of proud tears.

January turned into February where my hours, days, weeks and moons were all consumed with packing. Celebrating our youth and exercising our ignorance, we decided to move ourselves. Who needs movers for the 10 hour trip from Enterprise, AL to Clarksville, TN? Even if it IS below freezing and there is snow and we have a million things, a dog, a turtle and we haven’t slept much lately? Not us! Fist pumps, back-slaps and…..yawn, stoopid.

Fast-forward a month. Slam on the breaks and here you will find me at our new home in Tennessee. There is much more to show and tell. Soon, I will get around to doing it!