Monday, April 30, 2012

Rudy is a Hot Dog.

As is well documented, I have a soft spot for dogs. Especially my own pair of Fluffies. As such, they are spoiled rottenest, and just recently we purchased some flashy new collars for them, expertly crafted by my wonderful friend Brianna at Tied and True Paracord Creations. Here is my handsome RudeDog, giving us his best 'male model' impression. Beautiful, Darling! Anyway, that is all, just wanted to share with you the talent of the collar-maker. Pretty clever if you ask me. Thanks Brianna!


  1. Such a handsome boy with very gentle eyes! And he looks charming in his new collar! nancy

  2. I expected he'd be wearing a rust colored collar...but no, it's compliment color...very nice. And such a handsome model you have there. He's just beautiful.