Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our little garden experiment is certainly keeping us entertained this Spring. We have experienced our fair share of disasters...watching our potato bed float down the hill in a rainstorm, all seven sets of asparagus proving a total no-show, and the rhubarb that fell asleep and never woke up again. Let's not forget the growing number of unsuspecting seedlings that have met an early end courtesy of two curious canine mouths....

Garden-time has become a cherished daily obsession; weeding, inspecting, and accidentally poking terror-inducing spiders with my bare hands. Jump 10 feet in the air from a sleepy, idling crouch? Yes, yes I can. Scream bloody murder at the hairy awful thing, in a manner that befits a 5 year old having a tantrum? I have become adept at that also. Spiders. Shoot me.
We have harvested a grand total of three strawberries so far, and I'll share the gossip: Tastiest strawberries on the planet. True that. 
Start-up costs for this little garden venture has left us eating noodles for the final week of every paycheck lately, but things are looking greener, if you see what I mean. Pretty much excited for our Summertime menu!


  1. Some of us talk of seeing the fruits of our labors you are literally enjoying them. Congratualtions on the initial start up of your garden adventure.

  2. Even with your landslides, rain storms and other unfortunate nature blunders, I think your garden looks like its coming along really well... You have three more strawberries than what we have, lol. Right now our garden stands empty except from the chives that came back up from last year, cant plant anything for now as we just sold the house... But cant find the next perfect house and start getting my hands dirty again (and I have the same take on spiders, me not like!!).

    Great pictures and best of luck with the future harvests : )