Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Each of my days begins with an impatient ambush from Rudy and Felix in their enthusiasm to get up and start the day. Once cuddles have been had and slippers have been donned, I sleepily stumble into the garden with the boys to suck up some fresh air and hope my eyelids will open accordingly. Almost daily I am awarded with some pretty little detail that reminds me why I love mornings. Case in point: mini spider web in dewey grass. Lovely! (even better- not a spider in sight.  phew!)

Our memorial day weekend began with a trip to the lakes with our neighbors. Rudy hasn't been swimming for a while and wasted no time diving in after some imaginary object. Notice the ears. This is why we call him Yoda.....

Felix would follow Rudy to the moon and back, but after a magnificent start, he rather decided he didn't  like swimming! As such, he curled up on a towel and spent the rest of the day pouting and looking pretty. We are still searching him for ticks (oh, beloved South)..

Rudy was in his element, making good, hard-working parents out of us as we dutifully threw the ball to him for the thousandth time. Glorious start to the long weekend.

Also, remembering why this weekend is a holiday in the first place. Back in the UK, we have Remembrance Day where I would always buy a poppy, without understanding much of what was behind it. Now that I find myself in the unexpected position of being a military wife to my sweet (American) husband, I can and do say thank you to those who serve from precisely the bottom of my heart. Happy Memorial Day!

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