Monday, May 14, 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Messy and the Leafy.

 It has been a productive and frustrating week all at once. Mainly work-related details that I shan't bore you with, but either ends of the spectrum are well represented by the happenings at home as well.
Frustrating is accidentally launching a glass of red wine across your couch. Discouraging is not learning from your mistake and spilling a cup of coffee in your bed a few days later. The cleanup operations have been considerable, and the boys have capitalised on my clumsiness, taking full advantage of some temporary rearrangements around the house. Cuddletime, anyone?

Productive is getting our hands dirty around the garden, combined with some glorious rainfall and ambitions for growing every single salad leaf that I care to eat this Summer. Some people dream of fancy yachts and champagne and white sands. I dream of salad. (Also, I'm fairly sure I'm supposed to be the artist in this family...but behold if you will Forrest's spray-painted potato bin. F+L 4Eva. Guess he's not just a pretty face!)

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  1. I've been MIA for some time now and am trying to catch up. I do love your blog with its mix of art, family ( including the boys of course), and current goings on in your lives. Have a great weekend! nancy