Saturday, June 2, 2012

Warm heart, little duck.

The boys and I are having a cosy little morning. Breakfast consisting of strawberries from our garden, homemade granola with local honey and -darn it- store bought yogurt (but you can't win them all). I stand by the commonly held view that things grown yourself taste extra-wonderful. An exception to this rule would be the lettuce leaf you popped into your mouth without noticing the baby caterpillar clinging to the underside of it. You can tell me it's protein all day long. Doesn't help.

Mister Fluff is taking some time out of being a wrecking ball, and has found something new to love. Thank you Christie and Jerrod for the adorable (much cuddled) duck!
Now full of breakfast and warmed of heart, let's get out there and conquer this day! Have a fun weekend, friends!

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