Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does it Sound Like a Helicopter? (Brrrrr)

I've had that song by Cher Lloyd (I Want You Back) stuck in my head all week. And no, it doesn't sound like a helicopter.
Anyhow, I have been busily crafting away at the request of a friend of mine who is stationed in Germany. Who knew there were plate hangers for this sort of thing?! We just use ours as lap trays....
 My humble plaque is to be auctioned off, or maybe raffled at a company event they are holding. Because sometimes it feels good (great!) to give. I hope it finds an enthusiastic home. Shout out to military families in Germany (including my own beloved bro-in-law). I am envious of your pretzels!

Opening my online shop within weeks....custom plaques will be available. Add it to your shopping list! Maybe, baby. Hope you are having a great weekend, friends!


  1. Nice piece. Good luck on the raffle.

  2. That plaque is beautiful! Enjoyed reading thru the past several posts. Thank you, Forrest, for serving our country. Those pen nibs look wonderful.

  3. Thank you Sandra and Linda! (and thank you Nancy for your sweet comment, which I meant to click 'publish' and carelessly deleted by accident! So annoying, but I read it and appreciated it very much!!)