Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ingredients of a Weekend.

A bit of everything this weekend. Not least, sweet peas from the garden that dress up a salad in my new bowl (thanks, Brianna, the green stuff never tasted so good!).  
Drawing. Printing. Cutting. And repeat. Feeling a little warm and fuzzy about the cool selection of antique pen nibs discovered at a thrift store. I feel like I'm back at art school. Delight is in the details.

Our poor overgrown turtle (hello, Bob!) is dearly in need of a new (bigger) aquarium. In the meantime he's pretending to be a Nascar driver, tearing up and down the lawn in a bid for freedom/ victory/ fame- who knows?. Relax little buddy, have a shrimp. And maybe next month we'll buy you a mansion.


  1. The salad looks delicious, great find with the nibs ( she said trying not to sound jealous) and I love bob! nancy