Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome inside our brand new book!

(Continuing from my last post)...We are eager to share with you a small selection of the characters and full pages from the children's book my friend Jessica and I have just gotten published. 
When I was young I gobbled up stories at an astonishing rate. There were favorite books that I would go back to time after time that had me giggling until I'd cry, or just caught my imagination in some memorable way.

It was our priority to achieve a sense of fun throughout the story, with our game of 'Find the Spiders', and lively little details such as the family pets in their Halloween costumes. We hope our readers enjoy the story and illustrations as much as Jess and I relished working together on this project!

Jessica is a huge fan of holidays, and wrote this story because Halloween is her absolute favorite. Fun Fact: Jess and her husband are now expecting a baby, and the due date, you ask? October  31st. Gold star for timing!

We have had a lot of support and encouragement from our friends and family throughout this project, and you all deserve a cookie for the kind words and wishes you have sent our way! It is very much appreciated! 


  1. Thats great, congratulations!!!! fun story, I have to see if I can find it here, my daughter loves Halloween as well. Great illustrations, did you use watercolours and markers?

    Again, huge congratulations to both of you : )

  2. Wow these are really involved pages! I love the center page - spooky with the brother wrapped like a mummy. The bottom page - so much to look at! Great fun! Love the row of trick-or-treating spiders!

  3. Thank you watercolors, but yes I used marker pens and fineliners, and the occasional bit of colage/ coloring pencil here and there.
    Dan...thanks!.. it seems that we have similar tastes as those are some of my favorite details as well!

  4. These are just delightful, you have every right to be proud and excited! Wow! I'm impressed.
    Linda B.

  5. Absolutely delightful. Congrats on completing this project. The characters are so cute.

  6. Thank you Sandra and Linda! :)