Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Rainbow A Day.

I make lists as if my life depended on it. Open any notebook in my house and there will be a list. Actually 100 of them. Among these volumes and catalogues of my intentions are 'project lists'. Forever is how long I've been meaning to design some notebooks (stuck somewhere in the middle of a list, no doubt). I have this great idea for them and I'm excited. But then. Oh Then... I get sidetracked. This is what happened here when I started designing said notebooks, jumped on a tangent and ended up with something completely different. Totally. Entirely. Oopsy.... But I rather like these ones too! Rainbow Jotters, anybody?

Mister Fluff has been an almost constant presence in  my studio lately. Every day he inches closer to crossing the line between dog and human. He has a habit of sitting on things in a way that makes me expect him to throw on some reading glasses and open a newspaper. Any day now. Any day.

The garden has offered a welcome break from the magnetic lure of my desk. I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking or if it is in fact slightly cooler, but the vegetables seem to be breathing a sigh of relief that July is a thing of the past. Tomato plants are loving life, and grasshoppers and other crawlies are getting their share. Next I'll be living the dream (well, my dream anyway) and getting down to some canning. Proud of me, Mum? 

Rainbow notebooks, the newest addition to the LouPaper store. Come and visit!


  1. I love the glimpses into your life! Another fun post! nancy

  2. I didn't realize you had an Etsy store before this post. Your notebooks are a fun way to keep notes good luck with them.

  3. Thanks Nancy! I love following your adventures on your blog also!
    Mary...yes, I just opened my LouPaper store last month. It is proving to be a pretty fun little venture so far!