Monday, July 30, 2012

Endless Summer, occasional bummer.

Mostly it's been a Summer of weird looking bugs and spirit-breaking humidity here in Tennessee, but we squeezed a slice of Florida into July to balance things out. Swapping creepy crawlies for white sand and ice cream? Go on then, twist my (un-tanned) arm!

Felix, the reluctant swimmer has come on leaps and bounds (though he still whinnies like a horse as he paddles along). Rudy on the other hand cannot be contained at the sight of water, and is halfway across the lake before I've even stepped out the car, usually. Here he is safely anchored to a picnic bench, since he cannot be trusted to stay dry for more than 5 seconds otherwise.

August looks a little less promising on the vacation front, but at least we have the Olympics to cheer about for a while longer. You may notice I have not posted much art-related content this month.... Cough cough. My studio has been neglected, but now I'm back to work (or more accurately- make a mess, clear it up, and repeat), while I try and ignore the sunshine which turns me into such a terrible fidget. In fact, I think there are some zucchini seeds that need planting. And off I go!

Hope you are having a magical Summer, and avoiding 'horned tomato worms' more successfully than I! 


  1. I'm glad you're having such a nice summer! Florida has been cooler than it's been here in Michigan ... That just ain't right! A trip to fla would be lovely. We have our grand babies here from Nashville right now. What could be better than a 1yr old and a 4 yr old? As for that horned tomato worm, beautiful photo of an interesting critter! nancy

  2. That bug is soooo amazing! Do you have any idea what it is?

  3. Hi Nancy! Glad you are having a fun visit with your Nashvillian Grand babies! As far as I can tell, there is no place in this country to stay cool, but Florida was definitely kinder to us than Tennessee has been lately!

    Shirley- this glorious crawling thing is a 'Horned Tomato Worm' apparently. Quite a beauty, but not welcome on my tomato plants in future. It ate so much!