Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work & Play

I have achieved a fine balance of work and play just lately. Especially when work feels so playful.
My wonderful friend (aka my deployment wifey) Jessica and her husband Norm, are soon-to-be-parents of a bouncing baby boy. Her baby-shower theme was 'Under the Sea', and I was tasked with the honor of making her 'thank you' cards. Jess's request for the design was described roughly as 'A baby floating in the sea, please' (yes. really). And as such, I came up with the card that is here before you..... 

 I think I did well, under the circumstances!

I also waved a bittersweet farewell to one of my most treasured friends last week. Lesley has ventured to pastures new, pursuing her career as a nurse. I look forward to all the future adventures we are sure to have together, but I will miss the dog-walking, gym-going, wine-drinking routine we have nurtured fondly as neighbors this past year and a half. (I also love the starring role of the shark featured on this picture of the two of us. It clearly thinks we are dinner). Thanks for the memories!

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