Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank You!

I send a lot of cards- the result of having my friends and family dispersed across two continents. Plus I'm old fashioned, with my penchant for snail-mail. As such, it was high time I made some 'thank you' cards! So I whipped out the linoleum, carving tools and got pretty messy. I'm really still getting into this block-printing thing, but a uniquely printed image is very pleasing. It takes the concept of handmade to a new place for me. A cosy sort of place where it's warm and there is probably a cup of tea and a blanket waiting for you. I like this place! (the cards are also available at the LouPaper store).

Speaking of thanks, I am reminded daily of how grateful I am for my friends and all the brave men and women who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Kuwait. We all have our own opinions on the situations overseas... but regardless of the politics, some of my best friends are out there representing American interests today. They are wonderful people who work hard and have a lot of heart. Forrest and I had a lot of fun putting together some Halloween care-packages. It is my hope that the plastic rats will  assist in some excellent pranking. Plus...there is nothing like a Box of Boogers to boost morale. Ha! We miss our boys!

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