Thursday, November 19, 2009

the Middle Lands.

Firstly, a thank you to those of you who left such generous comments on my previous post. What a treat it was!

Now, I've been away a little while, spending the last two weeks in't North, like.
It was a fortnight of firsts, up there in middle England.
The first frost of the season.
The first firework display (followed by many millions more).
The first flu of about a decade (and hopefully the last for the next decade...)
The first inclination felt in a while to learn a foreign language. Oui. Le sigh.

So, on the scent of work, I moseyed on up to the place where my Auntie Mary calls home. My Auntie is one of those clever people who knows lots of long words and amusing anecdotes and lives at a leisurely pace. 
She resides in the heart of the 'black country'- named for the coal mining (etc) of yore. Apparently it's imported from Poland these days. Oh well, I'm sure it does favours for the air quality...
The houses are visions from rural fairytales- cobbled bricks and smoking chimneys, squeezed between fields full of horses. In my head I can hear Forrest saying 'Orses', in his 'English' accent inadvisably based on Black Adder and Monty Python. 'Ooorses!'. Yes dear.

By the end of my stay, it was hard to bid farewell to all the good wine, open fires, paint pots and Bella the pigmy goat. Still, with my lonely desk a-calling, and Ellie the dog was wondering where her mid-morning cups of tea had was time to come on home. Hello again! 


  1. So this is like a perfect drawing. Wonderful

  2. The berries drawing is so neat! Love your lines and coloring style.
    The mosaïc looks great too. Beautiful place!

  3. Lovely berry sketch - so cheering now the nights are drawing in and the rain keeps falling.....!

  4. What a gorgeous sketching style you have, melding line and colour so beautifully. It feeds the eye.

  5. When I saw this, and I was like "AHHHH!!! I've seen this!!" Never knew what they were called though... so they are winter berries ^^ very interesting, and beautifully drawn. The fact that I could tell what they are has pretty much said that it's a great drawing.
    Thank you so much Louise for your kind comment on my drawing =)

  6. Love this! Lots of style! I like the way you laid it out - lively and colorful! I like the line breaks, the hatching, and the colors (especially the way you combined the purples and reds in the berries). They shine!

  7. Lovely color and composition. Good art.

  8. Sounds like a much needed and lovely holiday you had with your Auntie! And wonderful drawing of the winter berries! The colors are very winter-like, subdued, makes me feel like there's a crisp chill in the air. There's a nice quiet energy to it too...but then again, I'm a big fan of your work and style of drawing! And my favorite photo in your collage has to be the wall with "PUB" on it. What a great public service!

    And a belated thank you for your kind thoughts and comments on my blog regarding the passing of my dog. That was a tough experience that I am not quite over yet...