Wednesday, May 12, 2010

City drawing. Country living.

Re-doing  a portfolio piece that could use some fine-tuning:

I think I always dreamt about cities. I think I still do. San Francisco holds the key to my heart, and the mere thought of New York awakens ambition like nothing else.
Despite this, life at the moment couldn't be more 'country'- but it's really not that bad because I like the fact that we have our own (small) yard, I like that we can grow tomatoes, I like to run past fields of grazing cows, and I definitely like watching the little furry one sprinting in circles on his miniature garden racetrack. I even like cowboy shirts and freckled noses. 

Speaking of the four-legged one, I'm fairly sure he ate a toad last night. I was treated to an audio and visual production that nobody would welcome at 3.30am. It's lucky I love that little Stinker...


  1. I love your sketches and your comments are great! Our dog caught a mole once (actually more than once), and while she didn't eat it because after much coaxing, she dropped it for me, I heard all its little bones crunch in her mouth. It made me really sad for a bit. nancy

  2. Wow... you know what I realized? I thought all these while your illustrations were done from the computers, but I was wrong. Because I thought the colors and lines were just so "perfect" and uniform =) That's awesome!
    The little german dude sure looks healthy and getting bigger ^^

  3. Lovely sketches and interesting words too. I'm sure you'll have plenty of new stories to tell and new sketches to do with the help of your furry Friend !

  4. I think I know how you feel, I love living in the country but then I miss the city and if I live in teh city I miss the country... I want space and air, but then I love sketching city buildings and the people within it. Cool drawing, love the colours. What kind of pens (markers) do you use?

    And your little pup, so cute, they are so funny at that age... mine is now almost 3 and he still has a bit of puppy in him (he's a stinker too)

  5. I forgot to mention, my dog ate two frogs and a toad last summer... the toad was not as a great hit as the frogs.

  6. I just love your sketches/drawings. As for the dog, well, my shephard/lab mix "found" the leg of a deer once. YIKES!

  7. I love your little stinker! I finally loaded some new pics of my german shepherd on my blog. Check her out!

  8. Nancy and Donna- please don't give Rudy any ideas about moles and deer......the toad was more than enough!
    Alex- it's true, no computers... I spend way too much time on mine as it is!
    Martine and Revelle- thanks, I love the little boy too. Like CRAZY!
    Thanks for the comments, y'all :)

  9. Mari- the markers I use are a mixture of letraset promarkers, prismacolours and copic markers.
    I know what you mean about them keeping a bit of puppy- this boy is the biggest baby of them all, and I hope he never grows up! He certainly knows how to keep the smile on my face!

  10. dog used to eat toads. I was young and always came running into the house screaming that she had rabies because of all the foam in her mouth! Your stinker is adorable! I love German shepherds!

    I also understand the city/country thing. My dream would be to live in the city so I can walk everywhere I need to go, but have enough land that I can still have my large vegetable garden! Seems impossible for most cities!