Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alabama to Colorado. 30 sleepless hours.

The first day of our trip was the longest. When you are driving for thirty hours without a break you will:

-Stop as you enter every state to take a photo with the sign, until after 3 States, you give up. You just do.

-Find that energy drinks are a concept you will entertain. often.

-Listen to all of your favourite songs until they are your least favourite ever.

-Sing Bohemian Rhapsody with your husband, and realise nothing has ever been funnier.

-Threaten ugly murder upon the GPS and flick it really hard. You learn a lesson about the toughness of the GPS and the weakness of your finger.

-Become enchanted by small-town America, though disappointed with it's bathrooms.

-Wonder if you can get sunburnt through a window (the answer to which you will discover some hours later is 'apparently so').

-After 20 hours, wonder why driving across the country seemed like a good idea, then you reach Colorado and smile and breathe; at which point your lungs ask you where the oxygen went.

-Finally drive with fast-dissolving sanity into Durango, CO. Without any later memory of it; you find your room, fall into bed and sleep like a log. The laziest, sleepiest log you ever knew.

Forrest and I woke up on Sunday morning at the beautiful Strater Hotel with a renewed zest for life. At breakfast we were educated about the local enthusiasm for 'posole', and I was reminded how good a cream cheese bagel is. With this, the journey had commenced!


  1. Sounds like a tiring yet fun road trip, and yes Colorado, I can only dream about that state for right now =)
    Beautiful drawing BTW!

  2. Loved going through your journal... And what a lovely sketch too!!

  3. I love this, did you draw it first with a pen?
    It must have been an incredible journey, something I dream of doing!

  4. Thanks! Yes Alex, I'd have to say Colorado is my new favourite State. It's SO beautiful :)
    Cathy, my drawing was constructed in this order: pencil first, followed by coloured marker pen , then the black pen detail is last. Always!

  5. I enjoyed reading the description of your journey (I'd rather read about than experience 30 hrs in a car), and the beautiful sketch of the hotel. Great photos as well!

  6. What a great story and sketch! Your observations about driving for so long are so true! Can't wait to hear about the next leg!

  7. Love the photo montage and the verbal montage!! Excellent. And the happy portrait of the hotel is wonderful! I agree that when I went to Colorado the air seemed awfully thin & my hair - yes, even guys notice these things - flattened on my head. I am meant for 100% humidity.

  8. i always enjoy your work and the stories that go with it!

  9. Loved your description of your journey. Yes small town bathrooms aren't much on amenities (or often cleanliness) and its fun to know that I don't have the only family that thinks its fun to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on road trips - just did it yesterday.

  10. Great sketches and hilarious and TRUE observations about long road trips!

  11. What an exquisite sketch... I am really enjoying your trip! :) Lovely to see it through your photos as well as your charming sketches! :)