Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mistletoe and Wine

Christmastime. The newest installment in my memory museum is bright with adventure and new experiences. During our Christmas road trip to California we managed to pass through just about every city that was making the news for horrendous weather conditions. However, with steely determination (and single minded intent to get to my Mother-in-law’s homemade cookies), we arrived in Tahoe just in time for some hot pretzels and another giant dumping of snow. Snow shoeing ensued, snowballs were thrown, snow angels promptly made. The skies were generous with the white stuff…. though time on the other hand always seemed in short supply.

This time around we took Rudy along, and apart from demanding ball-throwing sessions in the -25c temperatures that we witnessed along the route, the boy did a sterling job. Forrest and I were proudest parents. From looking cute in the back seat to providing cuddles when I was cold, Rudy was a help rather than a hindrance and more than worth the compromises made to take him with us. But then again, with my melted heart, it’s difficult to see anything less than perfection when it comes to that boy… judgment can’t be trusted!

Christmas in Napa with family-Neumann was everything I needed to keep homesickness at bay (for my first Christmas away from the Father and Mothership), and winetasting, wedding showers, and catching up with old friends and family kept the schedule pretty much overflowing until it was time to leave again. Fast-forward to 2011, and the snowstorms were back for round two, new years resolutions hung questioningly in the air, my immigration paperwork required more attention and Forrest’s impending flight school graduation were the reality checks that reined us back down to earth and out of the heady orbit of Christmas euphoria. Talk about a welcome to the new year….

The next few months hold a lot of changes and challenges for our family of three, with Forrest’s possible deployment to Afghanistan hanging over me like a grey cloud. First though, it’s time to pack up our things and move to Tennessee for Forrest’s next duty station. Do the countdown with me…. Holy cowboy hats, it’s only three weeks!

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