Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I've been the worst blogger EVER.
Back soon, I should think.

The End. (but only for now).


  1. Good to see you back (even for a second : ) I hope you and your family had a great winter, spring and holidays and most of all Rudy is is doing well. Looking forward to see what you have been creating this past few months.

    Not sure what kind of weather you have there, but if its anything what we are looking forward too coming from the midwest, then stay warm!!!

  2. I noticed your lack of blogging and wondered if your Rudy had complications many bloggers drop out during down times. Hope all is well.

  3. Thank you both, I amazed anybody is still aware this blog even exists! I'm in the process of telling the story of Rudy's recent journey, but we are all hanging in there :)
    Hope you are getting better weather, Mari. The sunshine just arrived here in Tennessee, hip-hooray. And thanks Mary, yes we are well enough! I hope things are good where you are too.