Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm working on redesigning my blog banner, as the current one just isn't my cup of tea, my Sunday morning, my warm socks on a cold day anymore. I was telling my husband that he'd better come home soon, because I feel like I've been married to the dogs lately. Not healthy. That said, they are a big, bright part of my days, and so I thought I'd include them in my new banner. Felix brought me a bug from the garden today, so he deserves a little something in return, afterall. At first I ended up drawing something ludicrously detailed for a simple application, but after slapping my forehead, and cursing wasted time, I did a 5 minute sketch which will probably work just fine.

In the meantime, Rudy has collected all my old shoes together for me so that I can take him into the garden and play fetch. Mustn't keep him waiting....
(I'll tackle Felix's a work in progress!)


  1. Now that is a Fantastic dog illustration!!!!

  2. Rudy and Felix look like a couple of big sweethearts. And Rudy is making sure you get enough exercise. Good boy!

  3. Awesome've captured the fun and frolic in that silly dog. He looks like a gem:)

  4. I love your portrait of Rudy with his blue ball, you really captured him.