Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Time!

I suppose it is an inevitable circumstance that when a family member visits, they must at some point leave again. We gloomily waved my Mum back across the Atlantic yesterday, after what was an entirely pleasant three weeks of being a tourist in my own town, eating pie, and crowning my Mum the new most exciting person of interest for my dogs. As ball-thrower in chief, it didn’t take my Mum long to endear herself to the boys. Rudy fell in love. (again).

Felix must have grown 10 inches from all the extra treats. Rudy used his charm-face and spoke his human words in a bid for more (and more) ball-throwing. Walks at the river were a happy transformation from our fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach (two dogs, one under-muscled human: me) to organized semi-chaos (two dogs, three humans: Me, Mum and my sister, Kate). This might be the most relaxed I have felt since Forrest left 6 months ago.

Nashville Zoo entertained half-heartedly. It was nice but I was hoping for penguins. Maybe a hippo. Flamingos make up for any amount of disappointment however.

Nashville is becoming a little more familiar to me, though when my GPS broke halfway there, you could very well have deposited me on the surface of the moon and I’d have found my way around more efficiently. Eventually we succeeded in navigating between pancakes and parks. Not bad for a day’s confusion…

One of our final days trips was to the quite beautiful ‘Land Between the Lakes’. Thanks to the Autumn leaves for putting on such a show. Thanks to the weather for finally being generously cooler. Thanks to my Mum and Kate, for a lovely 3 weeks.

Good times, wonderful family.


  1. Im so glad you had such a wonderful time, it sure means a lot when you have loved once to come and see you and you all have a great time. Puppies look great and Im sure sad now that extra ball throwers and treat givers have left.
    Lovely pictures of all of you!!!

    Happy Fall!!


  2. I'm glad that you had a great time with your family. Love you puppy sketches!