Sunday, September 25, 2011

25th of September (i've been waiting for you!)

The latest:
*I have crafted my very own 'message shelf', which is pretty much exactly as is sounds. Nifty!
*I have vacuumed, laundry-ed, dusted and tidied with Mary Poppins-like enthusiasm, because today my Mum arrives from England for a 3 week visit. Whee!
*Discovered that a lunch of walnut bread, brie, apple and honey is perfection on a plate.
*A trip to the farmers market rendered me speechless, when the Nashvillians played their favorite game of guessing where I'm from. Scotland, Australia and Holland are the latest offerings (but at least I haven't heard 'Russia?' in a while!). Also, I have never seen so many pumpkins under one roof. It was astounding.
*Lesley and I ran 8 miles, brushing off our half-marathon training schedule like it ain't no thing (y'all). Hooray for guilt-free pie consumption.

This afternoon my sister Kate arrived for a Few-Day-Stay (official name) and being the good sport that she is, accepted an excited ambushing from Baby Bat. Now we are all twiddling our thumbs and paws, because did I mention? My Mum is coming to visit! yippee!


  1. How fun that you're mom is coming for a visit! I know you'll have a great time with her. I just have to say again - I just love that dog! He's as cute as can be! Nashvillians? I thought you were in Alabama! My son and his family live in N'ville - it's a great town! nancy

  2. Thanks Cathy, so far, so wonderful :)
    Yes Nancy, we were in Alabama, but moved close to Nashville early this year. I love it!