Friday, September 16, 2011

Home, Sweet Home.

If September isn't officially craft-month then it should be...because I've been afflicted with that bug lately.
I'm on a mission to make this house look like a home, and the dogs have been busy distributing their toys around, helping me with the 'lived-in' aspect of homeliness. Thank you, boys.

I've been strutting around in my work shoes (furry slippers), donning some fetching eyewear (plastic goggles) and commandeering the power-tools (trying not to lose a finger). Cutting up wooden triangles might prove to be the pinnacle of my abilities, however. After all that excitement...painting was a relief. Sometimes the comfort-zone is, well, comfortable.
I'll confess, I was going to make a 'welcome home' sign for Forrest (though he is not home for many moons), but in the end it all took so long that I wanted something that could hang around for longer than a few days!

In the meantime, Baby Shepherd has acquired all manner of booboos. Singing his whalesong, doing gymnastics in anticipation of dinner, and trying to 'crowd surf' on Rudy after leaping off the sofa, Felix clearly thinks he's a rockstar. Trying to raise them work here might never be done!


  1. I think that will serve as a great welcome sign for Forrest! Lovely! And so are those furry friends of yours. They look well-loved and happy.

  2. Lovely and I think it will do just fine as a welcome home sign too.

    Oh, just a could do just two more triangles to add to each end of the word 'sweet'...put symbols or something decorative on them. Then, on the reverse side you could write 'welcome'!

  3. Thank you Mary, these dogs are certainly much-loved!
    Raena- what a genius idea! Maybe just maybe, I will do that!

  4. I love the project! And it's inspiring as it is, I'd like to try it out myself. I need to find that sense of home again, after moving so many times I kinda lost it.The dogs are so adorable!

  5. Lovely! I like Raena's idea that your bunting could be dual purppose if you paint the other side too!