Sunday, September 18, 2011

a bit of blah.

Sundays must commonly be the hardest day for the Army Wife whose husband is deployed. I mean, Sunday was a pain in the butt to begin with. It was do your homework day. Which progressed into hangover day (university...I was not a saint). Now we are at 'fill-the-time-however-you-can' day. As such, it would be appropriate for me to point out that my neighbors and friends who take it upon themselves to keep me entertained while hubby is away are incredibly awesome. They are the kind of people that you hope humanity is made of, but you suspect you kind of just got lucky. I also got some work done, and walked the dogs (twice) and ate a cookie (well, two).
I get to see Forrest in November for two weeks of R&R. Plus, I feel like a braver, better person than I was four months ago. That said, I am not going to thank deployments, because I wish Forrest was here. Always. But he has the kind of heart that fills a room, and if he chooses to represent and defend his country, then I'm right there beside him. He's a champ. But in the meantime Gloria Gaynor sang it, and you know what I'm talking about. (No, not an invite to karaoke....)

I should add that despite the occasional gloom of Sundays and deployments, I recognize precisely how lucky I am for this life that I have. Not least, waking up every day to see two pairs of yoda-ears on the horizon of my duvet....happiness can be hard to avoid. High Five, Rudy! Cuddle time Felix!


  1. You and Forrest are heroes and I'm grateful to you both. Military life isn't easy and you don't get enough of the recognition and thanks that you both deserve. I love reading your blog, seeing all the amazing things you do, and keeping up with the antics of your sweet dogs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. nancy

  2. Nancy, you do have a way with words! That means a lot. Thank you :)

  3. Loved the portrait of Rudy. Thanks too for being a supportive Army wife and tell your husband "thank you" from a Marine mom. We are so proud of our military and the excellent work they do.