Thursday, December 8, 2011

Behind the scenes of a mid-tour leave.

Posing with my beautiful trophy-dog after the Nashville Half Marathon. (I placed 22nd out of 1039 women, surprising nobody more than myself....did I mention how many doughnuts I've been eating lately?! miracle.)
Feeling thoroughly smug that all mine and Lesley's training had paid off, and eagerly anticipating Sunday mornings with a hot chocolate and a book instead of 10miles of freezing misery. aaah! I mean, I loved every minute. yes.

The after-party is well represented by Rudy hiding behind his tail. Lively? To say the least.
Thanks to my friends who refrained from drawing all over my face when I committed the ultimate party foul of falling asleep at 9pm. at my own party. (A half marathon will do that to you apparently...)

And all of a sudden it was the day we had been trying to avoid. Time to pack Forrest on a plane (or five) back to Afghanistan for the last couple months of his tour. Behold Rudy's most valuable asset.... sad face!
Also, bonus points to Forrest for utilizing my homemade message-shelf in the back ground! Miss you too, Love.

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  1. Wow 22nd, that's some achievement! Glad to see you had a good time.