Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November, in a Nutshell.....

Oopsy....I seem to be running behind with everything lately. Not least, my poor forgotten blog.
To sum it up: my husband came home from Afghanistan for two weeks of leave. We vacationed in beautiful, colorful Gatlinburg. We ate a lot of doughnuts. I ran a half marathon. Family Neumann flew in from the Golden State and we partied like it was 1999. I somehow managed to squeeze two Thanksgivings in (which, being English and unused to this holiday- I do have lots of catching up to do!)
As if that wasn't enough....I've had a really fun illustration job (to be shared soon). Felix is developing a conscience (I've been waiting long enough!), and I have signed a self-publishing deal with a talented author friend of mine. Watch this space!

November, as seen through my camera:

yes yes, you're welcome for this picture of the legendary cuttlefish. I was especially charmed by the sweet little fellow who appeared to be slumbering whilst balancing on one leg! Too cute.


  1. Hi Louise, I love your new banner and the photos are pretty great too. I am looking forward to hearing more about the gnome make-over....this could have international repercussions...

  2. I'm playing catch-up with everyone - I'm so glad for you and Forrest that you had that wonderful time together along with his family. Your photos are beautiful! I'll be in TN over the holidays and am hoping the weather holds for the drive from the Mitten! nancy