Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's up, Gnomie?

I have already introduced you to Mister Longbow, but he has come a long way since his last showcase on my blog.
Hunter is a patient gnome. He spent much of his visit untouched on my breakfast bar, where he witnessed a month's worth of activity and once almost eaten by a sneaky little Shepherd. Felix! NO!

Here he is at Thanksgiving. Quite naked, other than his hat.

Eventually though, we fashioned a fine set of clothes for him. He insisted on the tattoo.
Though he's a little late for Oktoberfest in his fancy schmancy lederhosen, I packed him off to Germany...home just in time for Christmas. Also, he's probably deploying to Afghanistan with his battalion next Spring, so wish him luck :)

Miss you already little buddy. Prost!


  1. Beautiful painting & creative - love the feathers and all of the details in the clothing! I had no idea we had patriotic gnomes serving our country. ;)

  2. thanks Dan! I had not known it either,until Hunter arrived with his story. What a brave gnome he is (skillful too....he flys apaches apparently!)

  3. Sob! He was with you for such a short time, and now he's on his way to another adventure!

  4. Wow! you have been doing a lot. Congrats on the half marathon. Glad that you got some time with your honey.

  5. He's adorable--love that wistful look in his eye. Your re-do gave him way more personality.

  6. Great details, love the idea of a tattoo!