Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Three. Eat up!

Two months ago there was a heated discussion between myself and the hubby about the purchase of this mug (yes, life is that exciting!). I said '$18 is much too pricey darling honey favorite one, what- are we made of money?' but Forrest insisted 'wifey, treasure, dearest heart, I see what you mean but I really must have it'. I think that's roughly how it went... Well, I relented because I am super-nice. Anyways, two weeks after this item joined our already sprawling collection of coffee cups, Forrest deployed to Afghanistan.
Now I have used this mug every single day since he left. And I enjoy it. So this is me eating my words (which, by the way, taste better with coffee...).
We are going back to Gatlinburg when Forrest is home for R&R in November. I will buy my own mug. It will sit proudly and expensively next to Forrest's, and there will be no more talk of it. (Maybe after an initial personality clash and a few awkward jokes they'll fall in love and get married. It happens to the best of us).
Aside from coffee cups, I had some of my favorite company for dinner. My friend Lesley the worker-bee needs to be lured away from her study-notes with sangria from time to time. I do my best to oblige. Plus, my dogs are in LOVE with her, so it's a win win when she comes over.
In all, an exciting day for food! high fives and a clear-ish conscience. (incase you hadn't noticed, we are ignoring the breakfast cookie and the thirty one m&ms. oh and the sangria. Who mentioned pizza? Yikes)


  1. I don't know which I like more, you're banter/commentary or the paintings/drawings.

    I hope your husband arrives home safe and sound and doesn't have to go back...I'm honored that he fights for our freedom, please thank him for me.

  2. Hummm, a cookie for breakfast? Enjoy your drawings, writing and the sweetness of your love for your pilot.

  3. I beg to differ. But if you have eaten. your words then that will suffice...I told you it was an awesome mug! xoxo