Monday, June 27, 2011

Every Last Morsel.

Sunday is Day 1.
Give me a game, I will play it. Paper, I will draw on it. Dog? I will walk it. Food, I will cook it (then eat it). I am one of those people....I have to be doing something, always. (I sleep well at night).
I could use a bit of focus though. I need a map. A mentor. a GPS. Something to say go this way for more than 2 minutes. Otherwise you never get very far. Y'know? I do.
So my plan for the week is this: (and oh it is simple. Delicious and simple. Did I mention delicious? And simple. Ok). I'm doing a food diary. Something 1000 people before me have done, but I jump onto the bandwagon with enthusiasm and a shrug. I bet we all eat different things, after all. If somebody else drew 'Betty Jo's Hot Slaw' in their food blog, then knock me down with a feather- and feed me my own words. 'Til then, I present to you Day One of this challenge. And it actually IS a challenge, when I'm faced with a cookie that I want to eat (very badly, for I am a piglet) but must draw it first.....

I'm trying to keep it all about the food, but other things creep in. Hi Bob the Turtle. There was also an interesting storm cloud and I only just managed to hold back on a picture of the dogs.....
So that's day one. Simple, delicious....ever so slightly fatty.


  1. Great start for an awesome project =) I must say food is one of my all-time favorite subjects, but I haven't drawn any of them yet because I'd eat them before I draw them :D Keep it up, the pages are fantastic!

  2. I love your sketchbook food diary. I think it's a great idea.

  3. There is something about your line - I really love it. All of your food is so exciting. Btw, I had thought I left a comment on your last post. I think it is visually a very exciting post, love the way your group photos and write.

  4. I love watching food diaries, I'm so curious about what other people eat... And great drawing!