Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One, Two, Skip a few....(and suddenly it's June!)

Oh I have been a bad blogger. A bad bad blogger......Four short months ago we moved house. And State. The dog, the turtle, ourselves. Hello Clarksville, Tennessee!

Amid confusion and chaos, my Greencard showed up. Irony is....just when I finally get the freedom to be with and stay with my husband, he was preparing to get whisked away from me. The Army can be such a party pooper! Forrest was settling in at work under the expectation of being deployed at the click of somebody's fingers, while I unpacked boxes, cooked meals, promised Rudy that everything was okay (our dear emotional Shepherd!). My family visited (from England!), we acquired Mister Felix (emotional Shepherds: Part II), I started eating meat. I learned to use the lawn mower. The weed eater. The DVD player (I'm still a bit fuzzy on that one actually....).

We met neighbours. We made friends. We went to football games. We drank wine. We took photos.

Then we turned into me. Me and the dogs, that is. The dogs and the turtle.
Now I am a pro at catching mosquito eaters. I am a disaster at swatting flies. I am a wreck at the sight of (HUGE Tennessee) spiders. I'm paying the bills. Watching the news with one ear closed. Getting less sleep. Drinking more coffee.

It's been busy around here....the laundry needs doing and the puppy just sprinted past with one of my slippers. I've missed you bloggers and readers, commenters and friends. This is me making my return....sneaking in the side door. Pretending like I was never gone. How've you all been?! And what did I miss?


  1. So glad that you've reconnected via your blog. Your beautiful spirit will see you through this military separation. Thanks to you and your husband for your service.

  2. Often we surprise ourselves with just how much we can do when we have to. Wishing your husband a safe return and looking forward to seeing more of you in blogland!

  3. Glad you are back. You've had a lot on your plate so it's perfectly excusable. The puppy looks adorable, I look forward to lots of photos and drawings.

    Love the drawing at the top, is it from your new town?

  4. Sandra and Cathy- Thank you for dropping in! I appreciate those kind words!
    Sue, yes the drawing is a building in Downtown Clarksville. And the new puppy- Mister Felix- is indeed the cutest thing on four legs, there will definitely be some posts about that little mischief!

  5. back and better than ever.
    that sort of turmoil is a good excuse to take a blog break.

    love the drawing

  6. It's nice to have dogs around when the husband can't be. Hope all goes well with his deployment. I know it's not all fun and games learning a new place on your own. Hope you have a good wives' club where you are.

  7. Welcome back Louise! I love the drawing at the top of your post. :-)